The «Good Girls» band is the holder of the Russian traditions and customs which are close to each Russian person. The creative activity of the band began in September, 2007. It consists of 6 professional soloists, who are still studying or have already graduated music educational institutions of Moscow.

The repertoire of the band is bright, various and choreographically prepared.

For the short time of the existence, the band is repeatedly noted by organizers and press, as highly professional band with unusual sounding of the Russian national songs, folk, ceremonial, retro, patriotic and Russian national songs in modern style.

The band’s participants perform different genres, various works in a polyphonic statement. And also masterly own various Russian national tools: pipe, balalaika, accordion, psaltery, graggerses, spoons, tambourine and many other. For each type of actions were created unique and stylized suits.

The band constantly participates in various city actions, concerts, performances on radio and television. Original show programs created for Christmas, weddings and other ceremonial carols.

Participants of «Good girls» band are distinguished by faultless art taste and the high culture of performance continuing century traditions of the Russian national art.