CEO and Artistic director of the Russian State TV and Radio Music Centre - Irina  Gerasimova

"The Russian State TV and Radio Music Centre" was established in 1996 as a legal successor of the Head Music Department of the All-Union Radio, a unit of the USSR Gosteleradio.

The Centre is an umbrella organisation for Orpheus Radio station – the only classical music radio station in Russia - and a Concert Management Centre, which includes a number of music bands, engaged in diverse touring and performing activities, including recording exclusive programmes for Orpheus Radio: 

Orpheus Radio Symphony Orchestra - Artistic Director and Chief Conductor: Sergey Kondrashev, Honoured Artist of Russia.

Grand Concert Orchestra of Y.Silantyev - Artistic Director and Chief Conductor: Aleksandr Klevitskiy, composer, Honoured Artist of Russia.

Grand Choir «Masters of Choral Singing» - Artistic Director: Lev Kontorovich, professor, People’s Artist of Russia.

Folk Choir of the Russian songs - Artistic Director: Nikolay Azarov.

Other units of the Russian State TV and Radio Music Centre include:

Orpheus Radio - Programming director Igor Letin. Orpheus Radio is Russia’s single radio broadcaster of classical music. The station is a member at UNESCO’s World Tribune of modern composers.

Tailor’s Shop for making stage costumes and props.


RSMC Concert Management Centre was established in 2007. Professional managers and talented organizers have brought the concert and tour activity to a new level. In the 2009-2010 season 220 concerts were held, more than 2000 pieces were performed.

The key lines of the RSMC Concert Management Centre’s activities are:

  • organization of concerts and tours for bands
  • audio and video recordings of concert programs
  • educational activity in the sphere of music


The staff of the Concert Management Centre are always happy to cooperate and are ready to solve any tasks connected with the organization of concerts for RSMC music bands.


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