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Andrew Solodkiy, the stage name is Andrew Solod, is one of the most impressive representatives of Russian pop music. Sincere romanticism and subtle sense of melodic line distinguish him. He conveys the idea of a composer with inspiration, generously shares his rich emotions with audience. Andrew is a laureate of international pop-jazz competitions. Among the achievements of performer are victories in prestigious vocal Андрей Солодкийcontests: Festival «Slavic  Bazaar»  in  Vitebsk  (Belarus) and The Pop singers competition in Paris (France). Andrew is an owner of the Gold Medal at the World Championships in the arts in Los  Angeles  (USA) and the Grand Prix of the International Vocal Competition in Thessaloniki (Greece), he participates in many musical projects and concerts, successfully works in crossover style.

In July 2010 the famous festival Baltic Song Contest which is called "Baltic Eurovision" took place in the Swedish resort town Karlshamn. Andrew, having won the hearts of audience and achieving  high  ratings of the jury, was among the winners of this acclaimed musical competition.

Михаил СавинIn an effort to find the ideal form of pop music that organically would sound in any language anywhere in the world, arose a creative union of two musicians - Andrew Solod and Michael Savin  and as a result of their joint work  -  the new show program "Into the distance the river flows. " A new creative project is a subtle fusion of almost all the world's musical traditions with an emphasis on Russian ethnic and improvisational-jazz sound. "Into the distance the river flows" is a bright musical show  without  the use of phonograms, with Andrew Solodky live  vocals,  pure  natural  timbre of an instrument of rare tenor alto with a range of three octaves, gives  a unique flavor of a true Slavic melody. In this program sound  lyrical  and  rhythmic original songs and folk songs arrangements of different temperaments.



  A.Solod «Aria Lelya»

 A.Solod «Horovodnaya»

 A.Solod «Kabluki» 

 A.Solod «Reka» 

 A.Solod «Sezon Dojdey»

 A.Solod «Kukushechka»